Courtier Watson Language Research CTR.

クールチエール・ワトソン言語研究所は「Mr. Watson.」自動翻訳システムの研究開発をしています。日本語を英語に翻訳するためには、3つの必要な要素があります。




ワトソンという名前は、分析のもとになった本、「Father Son & Co」の著者 Thomas J. Watson Jr. への敬意 からついています。       (写真:©1990 by Otto Maier Verlag Ravensburg)

The Courtier Watson Language Research CTR. is developing the "Mr. Watson." automated translation system.

 There are three important things to translate Japanese to English.

 At first, to make a dictionary for apprlying an appropriate English word to a Japanese word. 

 Second, to analyze a structure of a paragraph and a sequential regulation of a sentence in a pragraph.

 Thied, to analyze a sequencial regulation of a word in a sentence.

 Courtier will be researching those three elements, and going to build up an automated translation system which is now developing and under a trial. Our purpose is to make our automated translation system to be able to sequentially translate a document without any limitation of a length of a document. Along with this, while  analyzing regulations of sentences and words, we will be able to use sophisticated and native English which American establishments who live in the Eastan part of U.S. are using.


 Analyzing a regulation of a document and setting up words  sequentially, it looks like a game. In 1990s, There was a Contact Game. There were many separated squere cards on which a road, or a railway, or a river, or each two or entire three had been printed. It was a game that a card which had a same picture edge could join to another same edge card., and put a next to a sequentially. 

 A language is a numerical line up of words. Each word will be connected with sequential reguration. If out of reguration, sentence could not consist of correct words.

 Courtier Watson Language Research CTR. is analyzing this reguration, and researching and developing to make sentences automatically.

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Named as Mr. Watson. has come with the respect for a writer of the autobiography " Father Son &Co."