Translation Business.



英文和訳、和文英訳を主として行います。特に和文英訳は Courtier Company が開発試行している自動翻訳システム「Mr. Watson.」の支援を受けています。






海洋レジャー 海軍、






We will translate Japanese, English, Chinese each other, mainly English to Japanese and Japanese to English. Especially, in Japanese to English, we are supported by  an automated translation system "Mr. Watson." which is now under development and under traial.

Our translation is High Quority Translation. We apply Pricing Structure based on a charge by a word, not a charactor. It's economical offer.

Genre of Translation

In case of Japanese to English or English to Japanese, Courtier Company will handle the each genre of Business, Managements, Economics, Finance, IR(Investors Relations,) IT technology, System engineering, Marine leisure, and Naval operations U.S. Navy and Japan Marine Self Defense Force.

In case of Chinese to Japanese or Japanese to Chinese, Courtier will handle the each genre of International Politics, and History, mainly in China (Mandarin).

Don't you bother a translation?





Don't you bother a translation?

 For Japanese heads of the middle size companies and entrepreneurs, Don't you have any needs that you want to translate your activities or your autobiographies in English, order a translation with a few volume, request to a translator with not only a translation skills but also special knowledges  over the your way, need a high quality translation on each sentence and word as used by Europe and U.S. establishments, also, translate briefly and with an appropriate fee charge?

 For Foreign companies, who just landed on Japan, don't you have some concerns about the governmental processes to found a company in Japan and difficulties to fill in apprications in Japanese? And also, don't you bother how to find who can translate?

 And, aren't you looking for who can translate and build up Home Page integrally?


Translation and System Development is Courtier!!

高品質翻訳はCourtier Company が開発し試行運用している自動翻訳システム「Mr.Watson.」によって支えられています。そのシステムは元IBM のCEOだったThomas J. Watson Jr.とフォーチューン誌の編集役員会メンバーだったPeter Petreが1990年に出版した「父と息子と会社、私の人生とその後、」から抜き出した20万語の洗練された単語とセンテンスを蓄積しています。








High quality translation, it has came and supported with our autometed translation system "Mr.Watson." developed by Courier Company which had stored  two hundred thousand sophisticated words and sentences that were pulled out from autobiography "Father Son and Co. My life at IBM and beyond," written by Thomas J. Watson Jr.former CEO of IBM and Peter Petre a  menber of the editorial board at Fortune magazine in 1990. We can do high quality translations with refering to sentences and words of which establishments who lived in the Eastern Part of U.S. had used.