Bilingual Home Page Plan

Courtierが作製するHome Page コンテンツはPC環境とSmart Phone 環境の両方に自動的に対応します。

Contents developed by Courtier Company will support a PC environment and a Smart Phone environment both automatically.


Technics to develop Home Page


Some ideas for showing your products on Home Page.


Set pictures horizontally to get people's minds on your products. 


You can simply explain each product with a caption by clicking on a picture, and also change immediately as you need.

写真をスライドさせて人の関心を高めましょう。      Let's slide photographs to move people's minds up.

ご注意:このコンテンツはHome Page 作成の参考に例示しているものであり、また写真の物品はこのHome Page で販売しているものではありません。

Disclamer: Those contents on this page are only examples to build Home Page, and stuffs on photographs are not for selling on this Home Page.


Print a product name or price on a picture. 


You can revise a product name or a price instantly. Products detail will be picked up by Clicking on the picture which links on the product page. 


ご注意:このコンテンツはHome Page 作成の参考に例示しているものであり、また写真の物品はこのHome Page で販売しているものではありません。

Disclamer: Those contents on this page are only examples to build Home Page, and products on photographs are not stuffs for selling on this Home Page. Photograph copy right is Courtier. 


Show your volatile data on a spread sheet.


This spread sheet shows, for example, a tide chart by each district. You can apply this idea to  put each current selling price of parts of your inventory on the volatile prices as a shipping charge to each district.

潮見表 樽 Otaru

横浜 yokohama

高知 kouchi
11 時刻 潮高    





0526    30cm

1304    06

2043    27


0134          28cm

0823         171

1341           114

1902          174

0244       26cm

0928      170

1459       102

2033       167





0023    25

0557     29

1358     09

2229     25

0218           42

0915          161

1425          120

1938          161

0331         41

1024       159

1553        110

2120       152




0119      24

0627     26

1455       11


0308          58

1016          154

1535           125

2031          146

0425        56

1131         151

1717         113

2231        138

データは毎日自分で簡単に更新することができます。Home page 上の新鮮なデータがお仕事を助けます。

It's easy for you to revise and update your each data day by day. The fresh data on your Home Page can help your business.


Your Shop Guide and Route Guide from a  customer's current location.



This Shop Guide is imaginary sampule,  not show a real shop. 

Please Click on a  surface of any picture. The way to your shop and your shop guide will be showed up.


Make a Guide Page from a current location to the goal.


  1. 目的地をクリック
  2. 「Google Mapで見る」をクリック
  3. 現在位置マークをクリック
  4. 道順案内マークをクリック


  1. 目的地をクリック
  2. 「Google Mapで見る」をクリック
  3. 道順案内マークをクリック
  4. 現在位置を入力

For Sumart Phon.

  1. Click your goal on this page.
  2. Click「Googl Mapで見る」
  3. Click a current location mark.
  4. Click a route mark.


For PC

  1. Click your goal on this page.
  2. Click 「Google Mapで見る」
  3. Click a current location mark.
  4. Input current your location.


A prospect customer will select a favorable office and get a map and a shop guide not by an address list but only clicking a surface of a picture.


行ってみたい Branch を写真から選ぶ場合は、写真の上をクリックして下さい。



If you select your favorable branch office you want to go by a photo, please click on a surface of a photo. If you select a most close branch office from your current location, click on a mark on the Map below. And Click an address showed in Column on the Map.

Yoy can get a most favorable close branch office's page and get a route to branch office from your current location.






In a senior age, people will select your favorable branch office they want to go not along with an address but simple selection like clicking on a surface of a photo. Or, select most close location of his/her current standing location. (it include places out of home.)

And people will favolably use public transportations, especialy BUS.

Easy instruction how to use a smart phone to go a goal for senior people will be more important. And also, it's required to guide foreign people easy to go.


Proposal Samples



  1. ラジオ放送の一過性を補う。
  2. ラジオ放送とホームページによる広告の相乗効果。
  3. 観光客を目的地へガイドする地域情報窓口。
  4. 災害時避難場所への誘導。
  5. 訪日外国人向けサービス向上。


Bilingual Home page for Local FM broadcasters.

The value of Local FM broadcasters is now being reassessed . In the country, 300 FM broadcasters are active and cover 500 million people. Bilingual Home page will create new value for them as follows.

  1. Make up radio's passing informations.
  2. Get multiplier effect of a commercial in collaboration with a radio brosdcasting and bilingual Home Page.
  3. To be Local informaton portal to guide visitors to their destinations.
  4. To be tool to guide people to evacuation places at a disaster.
  5. Improve services for foreign visitors. 

Please click on a pcture

Under construction

産直システムとして地方の魚河岸 Home Page の構築。

Home Page of the Direct Marketing System of Local Fish Market.

Under construction

スーパーマーケット遠隔ショッピング用 Home Page 構築

Lemort Shopping Support Home Page for a Super Market shopping.





Utilize Grant

Develop Bilingual Home Page to create new markets.

In past several years, the bill of Smale Business Grants were passed in Japan. A qualified company can get a grant upto ¥500,000 out of ¥750,000. (for detail conditions, ask for the Chamber of Commerce and Industry) 

Will you develop Builingual Home Page using this grant to create your new markets ?